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Mindset Mentorship

12+ hours of audio mentorship by Emily Hayden (not released anywhere else). If you love Emily's podcast, this audio is for YOU!

Character-building lessons via audio with prompts to help you dig deeper and develop further.

Mentorship workbook to help you deeper implement the lesson(s) of the week. These are journal prompts and questions to get you to truly analyze your thoughts and behaviors so you can put your ideas into action.


Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Access to your Evolve X coach for any questions, concerns, or support.

Training program that is individualized to your needs. You will complete a total of two six week training programs.

An app to track your training that includes habit tracking, training calendar, messaging, video breakdowns of exercises, data tracking, and more!

Customized nutrition program built based on your individual needs: macros, meal plan, whatever suits you best!

 Weekly Facetime check-ins with your Evolve Coach for the highest level of accountability.

Group Coaching

Group coaching calls 2x/month with Emily and the Evolve X Worldwide community for direct feedback & live mentorship! 

Access to 12+ hours of previous live coaching calls from Emily discussing the audio mentorship topics and how to apply them in various situations.




If you want to be a part of our entry-level mentorship program, Evolve X Worldwide, no application is needed! Join today: 


"With the way my year started, I can't imagine where I would be without this program. I've lost weight, gained strength & confidence! I am filled with gratitude and don't feel anxiety as much anymore."

- Lauren, Evolve X Graduate


"I'm so glad I gave this a shot. The amount of accountability in this program is amazing! Just what I needed to produce actual change in areas I have been unsuccessful in my whole adult life!?"

- Amanda, Evolve X Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

"It's more than just weight loss for me. I look back at photos of me in a few months ago and I can see the pain in my eyes. Years and years of being unhappy with myself and my life. I didn't know how to change. I knew I HAD to sign up for this program. Now that I see this month's photos I see clarity, direction, and excitement knowing that whatever I want to accomplish I can. I feel like I have my life back and I am excited to live it!"

- Michelle Evolve X Graduate


Do you have the GOAL to:

Be more disciplined 

Practice excellence everyday 

Truly love yourself 

Learn more about yourself

Set BIG goals and actually go after them

See yourself in the same light as you see others

Believe in yourself so much your dreams become reality 

Live out your passion

Charge what you know you’re worth in your business

Develop daily habits that will allow you to make strides towards your goals instead of treading water 

Have inner peace despite your circumstances

Stay positive through even the toughest of times

Practice gratitude 

Learn & practice manifestation of your goals & dreams

... Evolve X is what you're looking for.

IF YOU ARE READY TO TRANSFORM FROM self-judgement, overwhelm, and negativity to confidence, excellence, and winning on the daily…. keep reading.

Do you ever FEEL:


As though everyone around you is making moves and you’re frozen?

Like there’s something you’re missing?

Like there’s something more meant for you?

Like you don’t deserve goals that you set for yourself? Even though you support & encourage friends with similar goals? 

Overwhelmed & stuck?

Like anxiety runs your life & holds you back from everything you are meant to be doing?

Confused on what your next right step is?

Scared to try because you might let others down?

Like you second guess everything you do? 

Like you’ve already come far in your personal & career life but you’re craving for something more?

Like you learn more about personal development from books, podcasts, etc. but nothing actually changes in your life? 

Like you’re the one holding yourself back?

Like you’re doing less than your best on a daily basis?

A complete lack of confidence in yourself?

A complete lack of worthiness to achieve your goals?

Like you can’t come up with one positive thing you’ve said to yourself today?

But you have a Santa Claus length list of the negative things you’ve said?

You take everything personally….even this sentence…

Like people are talking about you behind your back...and you care way too much about it.

Like you’re “behind” because you didn’t follow the blueprint of life (college, married, house, kids)...

Do you ever WISH: 

You could feel fulfillment and satisfaction in the things you do?

You could find your true self AND have the confidence to let it show?

You could have the confidence you need to conquer your biggest dreams? 

You had the courage to be more vulnerable & creating deeper connections?

You could LET GO of your past so you can finally move forward?

You could stay motivated towards your dreams even when the people around you don’t believe in you?

You could see the potential in yourself that others see in you?

You could make your dreams your reality?

You had the accountability you know you need to make progress every single week?

You held yourself to higher standards of living? 

You had the mindset you needed to accomplish all of your goals?

You could be the person in your circle to provide positivity and lead by example?

If you’ve said any of these things in the last 3 months, Evolve X is for you:

- I feel stuck

- I know there’s something more meant for my life

- I wish i was a more positive person

- If I’m honest, I don’t feel like I deserve the goals I want for myself

- I just feel scared. 

- I wish i could just “let go” of the past and move forward with my life.

- I never have time for me.

- I am always overwhelmed.

Do you have this idea in your head of what life is supposed to be like, and you feel: off track, behind, or stuck because it’s not going according to your picture perfect plan? 

Can you imagine the “YOU” you want to be - a driven, confident AF person, achieving all you were meant to be, involved in thriving relationships, inspiring others, and being a leader in your community - but you don’t know how to get there? You sometimes doubt if you can really ever be that? You have things from the past holding you back  that you can’t “let go” of? 

Maybe you’re someone who is somewhat in the middle stage- where you’ve become self aware, you try so hard to learn from personal development books / podcasts / and / or youtube channels, but you’ve never found one that REALLY WORKS FOR YOU. You’ve never had one that KEEPS YOU ACCOUNTABLE. You’ve never found one that REQUIRES ACTION on your part. 

The Evolve X method gives you simple, easy to follow action items every single week, so EVERY SINGLE WEEK you are making progress.













Imagine YOUR transformation after 12 weeks of evolving with me through some of the hardest life topics...

Imagine the YOU that

  • Doesn’t take things personally

  • Doesn’t feel pressure to live up to unrealistic perfectionism set by yourself or others

  • Doesn’t judge others and especially doesn’t judge YOURSELF 

  • Is a reliable friend & family member - always keeping your word.

  • Lives from a state of gratitude 

  • Loves your body regardless of shape / size / weight 

  • Loves yourself for MORE than just your body. Loves ALL of you.

  • Is confident AF

  • Is “believing in yourself” AF

  • Takes a hold of opportunities without doubting yourself

  • Has courage to be your truest self

  • Responds out of character instead of reacting out of emotion

  • Lives by a new standard of living that elevates your life and those around you

  • Leads by example in all of your social groups: family, friends, co-workers, social media

  • Embodies what it means to enjoy the process

  • Shows up as the best version of yourself for all the roles in life you have

That's exactly what we cover in Evolve X

    - Showing you how to 

EVOLVE from Self Judgement to Self Love

EVOLVE from Self doubt to Self Confidence 

EVOLVE from Daily Overwhelm to Daily Excellence

EVOLVE from Holding Yourself Back to Self Belief so strong you Conquer all of life’s challenges.

EVOLVE from Feeling like You’re Failing Everyday to Feeling Like You’re Winning Everyday

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